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Representing the District 2 communities of Hayward, Union City, Newark, Fremont and Sunol has been an honor and culmination of a lifetime of work to improve our communities. Together we've maintained local critical care hospitals; welcomed ALL residents to participate in governance regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or status; and enhanced programs that serve children, youth, and families throughout District 2. 

The spread of COVID-19 in 2020 tested every one of us. It exacerbated and brought attention to the health and economic inequities that we've been fighting to address. It also deepened my resolve to stand for every single resident in our county to ensure the most vulnerable among us has the opportunity to realize their unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

I look forward to continue working in unity to form a more perfect union that is inclusive, sustainable, and just. 

-Richard Valle

COVID Response & Recovery
Response to and recovery from the impacts of the global pandemic caused by COVID-19 was the top priority in 2020 and remains a top priority as we work to defeat the virus. We are laser focused on the following areas: supporting businesses and local non-profit service providers with direct financial grants, providing PPE for first responders and essential workers, creating space for our youth to address mental health needs, ensuring residential and commercial tenants were protected from eviction, and coordinating response with local cities and in critical facilities.
Open For Business

Small Business & Non-Profit Support

Created a District 2 Emergency Support Grant program for community based service providers. Funding nearly 100 grants of $2,500 to $10,000 to maintain vital services for over 70 community based organizations. Learn more here...Round 1; Round 2; Round 3.


Increased funding by $3,000,000 to Alameda County's small business grant program. With city matches the fund totaled $10,000,000 providing relief grants to local small businesses impacted by COVID. Learn more here...

Ensured front line workers, including community based service providers visiting homeless encampments had personal protective equipment (PPE). 

safe & healthy communities
Alameda County is a great place to live, work, and play. Ensuring we have safe, healthy, and welcoming communities will maintain and improve the quality of life we all want in our county. This means access to critical health care facilities; opportunities for children, youth, and families; decriminalizing mental health; constitutional public safety; and housing and homelessness solutions that work. 
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Healthcare for All 

St. Rose Hospital is a vital community benefits hospital for central and southern Alameda County residents. Since 2012 we've secured nearly $120 million to keep this recognized cardiac receiving center and only disproportionate share emergency room hospital in central and south county open. 

Alameda County's Health PAC program provides health coverage to low-income uninsured county residents, including undocumented residents. With the Trump Administration's attack on undocumented residents, we ensured this program would include unaccompanied minors. Learn more...

Many systems were put under stress during the pandemic. Alameda Health Systems (AHS), which operates the County's Highland Hospital, was no exception, eventually leading to a labor strike. I stepped in to help break the impasse. The Board of Supervisors along with AHS administrators, Labor, doctors and nurses are engaged in a process to transform AHS governance to address the issues that caused the strike. 

Enhancing & Sustainable Environment
One of the largest threats we face as stewards of our planet is climate change. It is more than just the use of fossil fuels. It is how we’ve built our communities, structured our economy, and practiced consumerism. These are national and global issues that will shape this century. In District 2 and Alameda County we are thinking globally and acting locally by restoring habitat, providing multi-modal access to our natural environment, resourcing sustainable programs that create living wage jobs, democratizing local energy, and through practical policy.

Habitat Restoration

The East Bay is home to beautiful open space from our shores to our hills. These spaces provide recreation, connections to nature, and habitat for wildlife.


For the last decade we've brought together a collaborative effort with the Masonic Homes of Union City to reintroduce native California Live Oak trees on 250 acres of hill lands in our East Bay hills.


The Woodlands and Habitat Restoration Project is a 40 year restoration project in the Union City hills that teaches children and youth the earth science of a restoration project, restores native habitat for wildlife, and puts sustainable principles into practice. To date we've planted over 200 California Live Oak trees on 40 acres of land.  

Health & Safety
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